Our employees are our greatest assets. Madina has a committed, skilled workforce who is safety and quality conscious and works as a harmonious team. Performance appraisal of all employees is done in a structured manner yearly for the period July to June. In addition, Madina has instituted several awards and incentives to nurture and promote the qualities of creative approach to problem solving, productivity improvement, safety and quality consciousness amongst our employees. Here are the highlights:

Best Employee of the Year Award:

The candidate is selected by a panel consisting of all Managers based on the following criteria:

  • His unique contribution (eg., the specific changes he has brought about in the way company operates / business process is carried out; his contribution to and impact on the operations)
  • His training / succession planning and execution – has he trained at least another person to take over him when the need arises
  • His contribution to productivity improvement
  • His outlook and attitude – a positive attitude, team spirit, self esteem, morale, personal hygiene, tidiness of work area, leadership qualities, organised way of working, learning from mistakes, willingness to learn, contribution to voluntary efforts, punctuality, discipline etc.
  • His contribution to quality and safety

Productivity Awards:

Suggestions for productivity improvement are evaluated based on three criteria:

  • How specific it is in addressing the issue / problem in hand
  • Feasibility for implementation
  • Usefulness in terms of potential savings and originality

Safety Awards:

  • Best Zone Award: This monthly recognition is awarded to the Zone Supervisor who keeps his zone tidy and clean. The selection criteria for the award is as per basic guidelines in Good and Correct practices and norms to be followed in a Workshop area. The Technical Management team is also involved in the selection process month after month.

  • Safety Draw: During the periodic tool box chat, the employees are regularly explained, refreshed and reminded of their responsibilities to work safely in the workshops. All employees are encouraged, thereafter, to suggest improvements in real life situations. It is our endeavor to promote ‘safety for all’ amongst all workers and identify any wrong practice or unsafe acts by reporting the situation immediately. All such healthy observations by the workers themselves are given a draw ticket for the monthly draw held in the presence of all staff. Three lucky winners are selected for the month and prizes distributed from the selection available.

  • Best C.P.I. Award: In our efforts for continual improvement regularly, an unsafe act or situation whenever reported is acted upon and closed out. Based on the criteria of (i) extent of damage the unsafe act or unsafe condition could have caused had it resulted in an accident (ii) stage at which the situation was observed and reported and (iii) suggested solution for correction, prevention and improvement. The Management team will select the best CPI for the award. The recognition is based on the implication evaluation of the reported CPI would have had in the workshop from time to time.

  • Safety Quiz

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