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>> Let us know what you feel about us!

     We would like to know how you feel about our products & services. We greatly appreciate your support and look forward for further strengthening this relationship in the years to come. As part of our Quality Management System , we would like to receive feedback from our clients on the overall quality of the services provided with a view of using it for continuous improvement of our operations and enhancing our relationship with our clients. We would be most grateful if you could spare a few minutes of your time to fill in this feedback form submit online. All feedback received will be personally reviewed by our senior management and follow up action taken. Whilst we might use a collective opinion or statistical data collated from these feed back forms in our promotional campaigns, we assure that we would not refer to any specific feedback as such to ensure that confidentiality of your opinion is protected. Nevertheless if you think that the opinions expressed in this form are to be construed as your personal feedback and not the official expression of your company's position , please feel free to state so.

    Thanking you for your time,
    Best Regards,

   John Collings

    (Group General Manager)

>> Client Feedback Form

Company Name (If not listed, let us know)
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Your Name
Mobile Number
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Kindly give your rating for each item (1-Poor ,10-Excellent , NA - Not applicable)
Technical clarity and overall presentation of our offers
Friendliness & effectiveness of our Reception Desk
Responsiveness of our front line operatives especially Managers, Engineers and Supervisors
Adherence to promised delivery dates
Turnaround time for delivery of goods / services
Non conformities in delivered goods / services and corrective / preventive measures in such cases
Adequacy and presentation of our quality documentation
Our Commitment to Health, Safety & Environment
Your impression on our workshop facilities
Your rapport with our key management
What do you consider to be the strengths of Madina ?
What do you consider to be the weakness of Madina ?
If you have any specific remarks, suggestions for improvement or areas of potential future business opportunities , kindly feel free to write here :
The options expressed are my own. Please do not take them to be official position of my company as such (Mark √ if applicable)
I request a meeting with Senior management  to discuss this or other areas of mutual interest in greater detail(Mark √ if applicable)

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We will incorporate the information supplied by you after internal verification process. We appreciate your time in completing this form


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